HRC Hair Thickening Fibres 55gram Twin Pack

HRC Hair Thickening Fibres 55 gram twin pack

HRC Hair Thickening Fibres  will completely and undetectably eliminate the appearance of thinning and balding hair.  Just shake fibres onto the affected areas until sufficient to camouflage signs of thinning, pat down with your hand to disperse the fibres and brush to style. If desired, apply Sevich Fibrehold spray or your favourite hair spray to help hold styling in windy conditions.

HRC hair thickening fibres are manufactured exclusively for Hair Regrowth Consultancy. Made from 100% unique Moroccan cotton based natural Keratin, these fibres are finely laser cut and electro-statically charged to adhere to your own hair as well as camouflaging the scalp, giving a thicker, fuller and undetectable appearance to enhance self confidence.

There are 9 colours including white available to suit any shade of hair.

Being a completely natural, organic product, no allergic reaction will affect a sensitive scalp. HRC’s unique blend of fibres easily washes out with any shampoo.

Available in two price structures – 27.5 gram container @ $49.00 or 55 gram Twin Pack @ $89.00



HRC 55g Twin Pack
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1Medium Brown$89.00288
2Dark Brown$89.00287
3Light Brown$89.00297
6Dark/Sandy/Med Blonde$89.00300
7Light Blonde$89.00300
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