There are three prescription based medications commonly used. One is a topical medication of Minoxidil available in a liquid or foam, available over the counter at most pharmacies.

The other two,  mainly prescribed as male only medications,  available from pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription are – Finasteride in tablet form under various brands such as Propecia and Proscar with other cheaper forms under generic names, Finastar and Finnacar.  Also, an even more effective drug – Dutasteride as a capsule branded Avodart. These are DHT inhibitors taken orally, reducing the production of DHT in the system,  thus having a good reputation of stopping or dramatically slowing hair-loss.  All drugs can have side effects,  so check on them on your favourite Internet search engine or ask for your doctor’s advice.

Medici Capelli produces all natural and organic products as an alternative to these hard drugs without side effects which many of our clients prefer to use.

SureThik produces two effective DHT blocking topical treatment alternatives using purely organic substances that do not have any of the nasty side affects occasionally attributed to the prescription drugs previously mentioned. They are SureThik Root Penetrating Shampoo and Hair Strengthening Serum listed under “products” in this website.

Medici Capelli 5 step hair regrowth products, both topical and oral, also distributed by Hair Regrowth Consultancy, have an enviable reputation of stimulating new hair regrowth and for strengthening existing hair. See our “tips and advice” pages for more detailed information.

Hair-loss caught early enough,  can often be resolved using these medications, sometimes avoiding the necessity for hair transplant surgery.