Resellers & Stockists

HRC, TOPPIK, KeraThik and SureThik brands of natural keratin hair building fibres provide a “magical” 10 to 20 second transformation to a thicker, fuller head of hair for those of your clients concerned about and suffering from thinning or balding hair.  You can endear yourself by demonstrating and offering HRC, Toppik, KeraThik or SureThik hair thickening fibres.

This will help to create repeat business between haircuts and treatments from your clinic or salon:-

The micro hair thickening fibre market is increasing dramatically worldwide. Get on the wave with any or all of these hair thickening fibre brands and join the many reseller/stockists enjoying the never ending stream of people coming to their shop regularly for supplies,  thus helping to boost that all important bottom line with this proven revenue generator.

As a recommended stockist of HRC, TOPPIK, KeraThik or SureThik and Medici Capelli hair care products, you can offer an easy cosmetic solution to those customers concerned about thinning hair.  As you are usually their first point of contact, they will be delighted that you can offer them a quick and easy solution for their concerns. Given the opportunity, we will direct inquiries from customers to the nearest stockists in their district.

HRC brand and TOPPIK are in 27.5 gram containers. Both the 13 gram and 27 gram SureThik hair thickening fibre sizes are supplied in individual presentation boxes. KeraThik 12.5 and 28 gram, being finer laser cut and lighter, hold more volume and are displayed as attractively presented, clear/translucent view containers.

We offer an excellent mark-up on all products including GST,  free in-store promotional material and free delivery anywhere in Australia.

We can offer exclusivity within their shopping precinct to those stockists supporting and promoting Hair Regrowth Consultancy products.

On request, all HRC brand, TOPPIK, KeraThik, SureThik and Medici Capelli stockists will be given a log-in code to order via the on-line shop. Shipping is within 24 hours of receipt of orders. Alternatively you can phone us to discuss your options on (07) 5531 3116, Mob, 0418 756 717 or Email –


Surethik Display Stand and boxes