Scalp Roller

The Medici Capelli scalp roller was designed especially for hair loss, and to improve the penetration of topical regrowth products, it is ideal for men and women. It works perfectly with SureThik Hair Strengthening Serum, Minoxidil, Max Growth Therapy and Coenzyme, all of which are suitable for treating male and female hair loss. Increasing the absorption of these powerful treatments will dramatically increase their effects and consequently, your hair regrowth.

It is a simple hand held roller, which is rolled along the scalp to stimulate increased blood flow to the surface of the head. Thinning hair can be thickened and the loss of hair from the scalp can certainly be reduced. The hair restoration and regrowth process can help with thinning hair, balding, bald spots, receding hairlines, alopecia and more. The Scalp roller treatment increases topical treatment efficacy and may independently promote new hair growth.

Scalp Roller
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